The Social Security Appeals Tribunal and Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal have now joined the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

You can find out more or call us on 1800 228 333.

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Administrative Appeals Tribunal - Social Services & Child Support Division

Social Services & Child Support Division

The Social Services & Child Support Division of the AAT (the SSCS Division) can review most Centrelink or child support decisions made by an officer of the Department of Human Services if the decision has first been reviewed internally. This usually means that you have received a decision from either an Authorised Review Officer (ARO) in relation to a Centrelink decision or an Objections Officer in relation to a child support decision. The decision of the Authorised Review Officer or Objections Officer should state whether it is reviewable by the AAT.

We can only review a decision if the law states that an application can be made to the AAT. Decisions which could be reviewed in the former Social Security Appeals Tribunal are now reviewed by the Social Services & Child Support Division of the AAT.

A review undertaken in this Division is called an "AAT first review" of a Centrelink or child support decision.

What's new?

End of year arrangements

Many of our offices will be closed from 5:00pm on Thursday, 24 December 2015 and will reopen at 8:30am on Monday, 4 January 2016. Read more about our end of year arrangements.

Annual Report

The annual report for the former SSAT for the year ended 30 June 2015 is now available.

Applying for a review

You can make an application for a first review of a Centrelink or child support decision online as well as upload documents in support of your application.

You can also apply for a review by filling out an application form, calling us or visiting a registry in person. For information about making an application, visit the Applying for a review page of our website.